About The Gardens Of Ingersoll

The Gardens of Ingersoll is designed to feel like home, not because it looks like where you live now but because it’s a place where people are good to each other, there’s fun to be had, friends to make and great days to be enjoyed. Like home, you’ll wake up everyday and decide what’s going to make this day a great day for you, your choices, your life, your home.

Enjoy the view, find a warm seat in the sun, discover an engaging book in the library, be entertained in the theatre, host your family and friends in the private dining room or find quiet solitude in your suite.

The partnership that brings the Gardens to Ingersoll has almost a hundred years of experience in retirement living. Now that means we’ve got some grey hair as well but we have learned a few lessons about operations, the building of the residence and our interaction with you. Our goal is to use that experience, get it right and by that, we mean, get it right for you.

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