Health and Wellness

Your health changes over the course of your life; sometimes quickly and sometimes over a longer period of time. We’ll offer as much service and care, as you need over time. Our care staff will be aware of your situation and provide you with the services that you need, when you need them.
For couples, we understand that your individual needs may be different. In many retirement settings one spouse may need to move to access additional services. At the Gardens we won’t ask one spouse to move to access more care. We will do our utmost to keep couples together providing the individual level of care that each spouse requires.
We also believe that we should arrange for as many services as possible to come to you. When the services come to you then you never have to arrange transportation. You simply walk down the hall to access these services.

Hair Stylist:
Our professional hair stylist will keep you looking good.

Personal training:
Personal training is available for individual training regimens.
Improving your health is also one of our objectives.

Nutritious Meals:
Nutritious meals are an important factor and we also make fitness an integral part of our programming for health and wellness…..a fun, integral part of our programming.

Strengthening Program:
Our strengthening program focuses on restoring and enhancing your mobility, balance and strength.

The Gardens Passenger Van will be available to all residents for planned activities.

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